Got junk, recycling and hard-to-sell stuff collecting dust and taking up valuable space at home? Do you also lack time and access to a car and trailer? No worries. You’re not alone.

With Tiptapp you get help with a pick up of the things you need to get rid of. Quick and convenient. You determine yourself what you want to pay and when you need the help.

How you do it!


Snap a picture of the things you need picked up


Determine what you want to pay for the help


Select a helper to help you out on a time that suits you


Pay with the press of a button when you have been helped


Add several images for your ad and try to be as explicit as you can when describing what you need help with having picked up so your selected helper easily can understand the amount of things as well as their length and weight.

How does recycling through Tiptapp work?

Helpers picking up things for recycling verify by using a function in the app for when and where they are recycling the items. This is done by snapping a picture, inside the app, of where the recycling is done. Alongside the picture, the coordinates for the position and the time for when the recycling is done is saved. It’s firstly when this is done that a user can start receiving payments through the app.

Reuse always goes before recycling. If the things being picked up can be reused the helper can simply mark this in the app and keep the items. Read more