Get help moving things in and out of your home with Tiptapp. IKEA furniture to your doorstep or second hand bargains into your living room. Using the Here to There function you will get quick help with a pick up and delivery.

You determine yourself what you are willing to pay and when you need help.

How you do it!


Snap a picture of what you need picked up and delivered


Determine when you need help and what you are willing to pay


Specify the pick up and delivery address


Select a helper and pay when the delivery is done

Important Note!

Add as many time slots as you can for when you want the item to be picked up and delivered. That increases the probability for quickly finding someone that is able help you out. The helper has two hours to conclude the delivery after the item has been picked up.

When you determine what to pay for the delivery keep in mind that the distance of the delivery needs to be reflected. If the items to be delivered are large, bulky and heavy then that also needs to be reflected in your payment.

If you post an ad without getting any requests for help, we suggest you increase the payment a bit.