Do you have clothes and textiles you don’t use anymore, but could be useful for someone else? Do you also find it hard to find the time or opportunity to give them to charity, even though you want to? Then Tiptapp is the solution for you!

To make it super easy to give to charity, we have set up a collaboration with Myrorna and Stadsmissionen’s all stores in Stockholm. If you live in Stockholm, it is now possible for you to send your clothes and other textiles to these organisations. Tiptapp donates the surplus from the transaction fee charged on a payment to the organisations. We are of course very proud for this!

How you do it!


Take a picture of the things you want to ”Tiptapp” to charity


Choose the amount you want to pay for getting help with a pick-up and delivery


Select the charity organization you want to send your things to


Pay with the press of a button when you receive a confirmation that the delivery is done

Please use the “Tiptapp away” feature in the app for items that cannot be reused and that should go to recycling, so that we make sure everything ends up in its right place!

Important Note!

It is really important that the clothes and textiles you send to our Charity Organisation Partners are sellable and in good condition. You can not donate anything else other than clothes and textiles.


Everything you send to charity should be fully functionable and in good condition.

It is easier to handle your items if you sent them in a box or in a carton, instead of a large garbage bag.

All clothing and textiles that are donated should be in such a good condition that they have a second hand value. If you are unsure about it, it’s better to send them to the recycling!