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How It Works

With a few keystrokes, you publish free of charge an advertisement and just as easily choose someone who wants to help you. Payment, as you decide, will send you after receiving assistance.

Free to advertise

You decide what you want to pay for the help.

Secure payment

You can easily pay in the app after getting help.

Easy to use

With a touch of a button, select helper, confirm & pay.

No times. No meetings

You don’t even need to meet someone who helps you.

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Move & Deliver

Get help moving things in and out of your home. IKEA furniture to your doorstep or second hand bargains into your living room. You determine what to pay and when you need the help.

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Get rid of things

Got junk, recycling or hard-to-sell stuff collecting dust and taking up valuable space at home? With Tiptapp you get help with a pick up of the things you need to get rid of. Quick and convenient.

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Our users are giving away really nice things. And soon you will be able to get these give-aways delivered directly to your doorstep. Check out our give-away section.

Be a helper and get an extra income!

Earn an extra income by helping others with moving, delivering and recycling things. You use your own vehicle and choose who and when to offer your help.

How does recycling through Tiptapp work?

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Secure recycling

Helpers picking up things that should go to recycling verifies using a function in the app when and where they are recycling the items.

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