How do users that pick up show that they are actually recycling things?

To ensure those using Tiptapp to get rid of things that waste is actually brought to and recycled at a recylings centre or similar, the app includes a function called Show Recycling. This is a first step in making all recycling that passes through our platform, measurable and trackable.

Our Terms of Service states that the right of ownership of the items being advertised is tranferred to the party picking up. This means that the responsibility of handling things in a proper way after a pickup is complete rests solely on the person picking up things.

All Users Picking Up Must Show Recycling

A user that have picked up waste show that they are recycling by using the app to snap a picture at the location of recycling. This image is the saved and uploaded togehter with geo-coordinates and current time stamp. Payouts to new users will not be activated until they have demonstrated that they are using this function properly.

Monitoring Usage

All users that are promted to use the app to show recycling are being monitored by the system and also manually by us. Users that are not following our guidelines or being suspected of cheating will be blocked immediately and promted for information.

We Also Encourage Reuse

If part of what has been picked up can be reused by any means, it is of course a good thing. Users must still show that they are recycling the rest. If all items picked up can be reused, users can report this through the app and we monitor these claims as well.

Our Vision of Better Recycling

We want to make it easy for people to do the right thing. Making sure that things being disposed end up at the right place should be possible with just a few taps in our app. By connecting users in need of help with others that have access to a car, van or trailer we can user the resources of our society smarter and more efficiently.

It does not make any sense that almost everyone that need to recycle things must have access to a car or trailer. We also want to have more ride sharing of things so that your waste can ride together with your neighbours waste. This means less individual trips to recycling centres which reduce the negative impact on climate and environment. Who will not get behind us on that?